Released July 16, 2021

Written, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Widard Izier

Model: Inna Mikitas

Artwork by Widard Izier

For Perversion for Profit I used samples from a 1965 propaganda movie with the same name, which warns against the malefic consequences of reading girlie magazines on our sexual behavior.

At times hilarious, but also politically incorrect if you look at it through contemporary glasses. It's incredible how our look at nudity, sexuality and LGBTQ+ has changed over the last 55 years, but at the same time, the beliefs in this film are still painfully topical. Even in our western countries.

Musically I was consciously influenced by the 80s. The warmth and imperfections of the sound of cassettes, analog and digital synths from that era... Without limiting me to the rules of a certain genre or time period. I don't care to imitate an existing genre as accurately as possible. It is no more than a starting point from which I hope to create something fresh. Nor am I concerned with what's popular. I'm just trying to tell my own story.

For the artwork, I wanted something between a 70's schlager album and a well-thumbed nude magazine to increase the contrast with the speaker's speech.

I am well aware that I am also guilty of the use of "perversion" for profit by putting a naked woman on the album cover. I found this ambiguity artistically interesting because I believe that reality is rarely black and white, but rather grey.



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